The Other Side of AIDS

What’s the first thing you think when you hear about AIDS? It must be cutthroat and very awful. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a desease which is very dangerous. People who had been infected to this virus would be easily got sick.They will be dependant on drugs, and if they do not drink some medicine in less than minutes, their condition will become worse. Other people who don’t know more about AIDS will judge the ODHA (Bahasa: Orang Dengan HIV/AIDS) just like a waste, they are useless, because no one needs ODHA.
This phenomenon has been happened in Indonesia for a long time. Many people know about AIDS but they do not know in detail about the history, causes, symptoms, or how to act to AIDS sufferer. Everybody has labelled AIDS as a desease which cursed by God, because the desease only occur to those who have bad habits. This point is not always right. Eventhough AIDS is a very dangerous desease, but not all AIDS sufferer are bad, because some of them are good people and they are just the victims. AIDS sufferers deserve to be treated like other human being and we may not descriminate them.
What's AIDS? AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a disease of the human immune system caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) The illness interferes with the immune system making people with AIDS much more likely to get infections, including opportunistic infections and tumors that do not affect people with working immune systems. This susceptibility gets worse as the disease continues.
HIV is transmitted in many ways, such as  sex, blood transfusion, contaminated hypodermic needles, exchange between mother and baby during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. It can be transmitted by any contact of a mucous membrane or the bloodstream with a bodily fluid that has the virus in it, such as the blood or breast milk from an infected person.  HIV could not be transmitted through touching, sweat, saliva, and wind.
The way it’s transmitted not only in bad ways such as free sex or drugs addiction, there are some accidentally factors can cause AIDS. Children who got AIDS from their parents must feel a very bad pain in a very young age although it’s not his/her fault. Doctors help AIDS sufferer when childbirth have possibility to be infected eventhough they  have good intentions. Or when you see a huge accident, and evidently the victim is AIDS sufferer, will you help them? You need time to think. If you help him/her, you can be infected, and if you don’t help him, he will die in minutes. No one wants to get AIDS in their life, either AIDS sufferer.
            Lack of knowledge about AIDS makes AIDS sufferers feel more miserable. They are deported, avoided, separated, and descriminated by society. There are still hospitals which does not accept AIDS sufferers, sounds ironic. Having HIV in their body is kind the biggest disaster ever had, and when society doesn’t accept them, they’ll feel down and many of them decided to suicide. What makes AIDS pathetic is the cure hasn’t been found but the sufferers increase year to year.
Those stigma must be erased. As a human being which had been thought about humanity, morality, and religion, we have a responsibilty for helping each others, not to make it worse by letting them more suffer. Giving support is a simple but precious action for them. It shows that there are still people who take good care of them and give them life expectancy because by doing that, it gives them the spirit to continue their life. Joining seminar, writing the article about HIV/AIDS,  and other positive things are meaningful for AIDS sufferer. They don’t deserve to be descriminated, because they’re same with us, especially people who just because  the victims of AIDS.    Actually, when AIDS sufferer in a good condition, their activities like others do. They will work or study very well. Even they are AIDS sufferer,  they can be productive.
In brief, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome  (AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) .  The cure hasn’t been found but the sufferers increase year to year. Lack of knowledge make people descriminate AIDS sufferers, and we as a human being which had been thought about humanity, morality, and religion, have a responsibilty to help them, instead of making it worse by letting them more miserable. What we have to do is stay away from AIDS not ODHA. Against the desease not the sufferers.

Regia Purnama Shofriyah
16 years old 

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gi, did you write it for your HI-4 essay?

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yes! Haha. I made it about a year a go :D

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