Should national examination be exist?

National examination is an examination for the last year students who will continue their study. This examination are joined by all students in Indonesia in order to test whether they have been ready or not. Approximately, there are 3-5 subjects will be tested. They are science, social, and languages. According to what we see from the current condition in Indonesia, do we really need national examination? Should it be exist?

Firstly, national exam still give the anxiety for some students in Indonesia. Some of them, especially for those who don't get the sama quality for eduacation, get depressed and stressed out. The government also had decided the standard of national examination. The minimum average to pass national examination is 5,5. That number seems too big for some students. From that case, many students will do anything to pass the exam., including cheating in a very various ways.

However, the national examination becomes the way of government to evaluate their system by observing the process and the result of the exam. The result will show whether students understand the lesson or not. So this is the government's task to manage, monitor, and evaluate their program.

In addition, national examination has become the standardized test for all students in Indonesia, whether they are qualified or not, because the difficulty of the test are the same. So, every school can develop their methods to teach better.

To sum up the arguments, there are 2 sides in facing national examination. To me, national examination is still needed to develop our education system to be better. Eventhough, there are still inequality system for eduaction, it will take too long to wait al the system fixed. So, I agree if national examination still exist.

Regia Purnama Shofriyah
17 years old

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